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Welcome to the RealTimeProof powered by RealTimeImage. Annboli Pacific Ltd., Hong Kong is proud to offer you this online proofing service. Being the first company in the Asia-Pacific region to install this powerful tool in 1999, we have gained recognition from clients and RealTimeImage as one of the most advanced printers in the Asia-Pacific region.

RealTimeProof is the best on-line proofing system that can also produce color calibrated hard proofs - online to remote users, using a standard internet connection such as a dial-up link. It allows remote users to examine every production detail such as trapping, bleed, overprint, registration marks and process colors immediately with extensive real-time collaboration capability.

Because Annboli offers this online proofing as standard service, we have created a shorter turnaround due to quick, efficient communication with our clients in the preprint process. Time and money spent on couriers have also been reduced.

Fast & Accurate Online Proofing.
Everybody is a Winner.

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